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OnlyAC can Service and/or Repair your Refrigerated Split, Ducted Split or Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit, and with competitive rates and our


your unit can be up and running sooner than expected.

We can also complete a Winter or Summer service on your Evaporative unit, again at very competitive rates!


Have our team inspect your unit to identify possible problems and inefficient operation. We take gas pressures (where applicable) and running amperage which gives an insight into the operation and efficiency of the unit, and a written report gives you these insights over time to compare at your leisure.


Have your unit repaired at your convenience by a repairer that understands not only your unit, but the cost and upkeep over time. Some repairers will patch a unit and not this take into account, which costs you more over the life of the unit, Only AC do not!

Like these customers call Daniel on 0447 771 330 or complete the form to have an OnlyAC team member contact you about your service.




Complete the form to have an OnlyAC team member contact you.

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